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Welcome to Windows Phone Commands!

Project Description

The Windows Phone Commands is an open-source project built on top of. Microsoft Net 4.0/4.5, framework. This effort provides a powerful tool to assist the development  for windows phone as Isolate Storage Explorer (with copies of folders and files), Deployer, Build integrated, Manifest file editor, supported cultures editor, editor side by side of resources language, with translate by Bing or Google..

*** Next release 3.0.0 (BETA)***


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • SDK 8.0 for Windows Phone 
  • Microsoft Framework .NET 4.5
  • Windows 8


  • Coming soon.

What's news Version 2.0.0


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit
  • Microsoft Framework .NET 4.0

Access Menu : 


Main Screen : 
  • Shortcut from the menu tools  
  • Improvement UI (VS-2010 style) 
  • Manifest file Editor (opened in new toolwindows) 
  • Supported cultures editor  (opened in new toolwindows) 
  • Resource editor (opened in new toolwindows) 
    • side by side all  resources language
    • Translator resources with Bing or Google
    • Clean keys orphans
    • Update keys all resources files
    • Add/edit/remove keys
  • Shortcuts in the project window 
    • Context menu for files of type resx.
    • Context menu for files of type phone manifest
    • Context menu of the project















 All Features :

  • Connect from device or emulator 
    • Monitors the connection
    • Show Device information
      • Platforms, build , version, available memory, total memory, architecture
  • Manager installed applications 
    • Launch, uninstall and explorer isolate storage files
  • Manager core applications
    • Launch blocked applications from emulator
      • Office, Calculator, alarm, calendar , etc
  • Manager blocked settings from emulator
    • Airplane Mode, Cellullar Network, Wifi, etc
  • Deploy and update applications (xap files)
    • cache Title applications by productId
    • Rename Title when publish outside tool / vs2010
  • Build integrate (F5 Debug)
    • Cache title
    • Auto connect device  (Real device -> emulator)
  • Isolate Storage explorer 
    • Create and delete Folders
    • Copy files from desktop to device (Add Files)
    • Copy files and folder to desktop
    • Delete and rename file
    • Delete all files in folder
    • Copy the selected files on more than one application 
    • Inspect Application Settings  (without debug environment) 
    • Show icons by extension files 
      (bmp, png, gif, jpg, ppt, pptx,doc, docx. xls, xlsx, dll, exe, html, pdf, sdf)
  • Manifest file Editor 
    • edit common fields in custom interface with validation
  • Supported Culture Editor 
    • Select the neutral culture of the project and update the AssemblyInfo file
    • Select,create and update files of languages ​​supported of project
    • Create helper file for access keys resources
  • Resource Editor Multi-Language with translator 
    • Edit side by side all resources languages Translate all empty keys
    • Choose of  translator engine : Bing or Google
    • Cleaner orphans  keys 
    • Update keys in all resources files
    • Add/edit/remove keys in all files

Context menus :

Manifest editor:

Suported Cultures editor:

Resource Editor Mult-Language with translator:

Inspect Application Settings


What's news Version 1.3

  • Compatible with Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update
  • Improvement detect target device (NEW!) over environment vs2010 (Thanks Rudy Huyn - MVP France)
  • Editor manifest (WMAppManifest.xml) - allow empty title of tile NEW!

What´s news in Version  1.2 :

  • Improvement UI
    • Auto Focus (one click over toolwindows)
    • Show explorer after copy
  • Welcome Screen
    • Splash screen
    • Information and link to site
  • Editor for manifest (WMAppManifest.xml) NEW!
    • Validate all fields and link
    • Allows you to select images by relative path
    • Allows you to select file Statup by relative path
  • Improvement Isolate Storage
    • Multi select /copy files NEW!
    • Improvement copy with create root folder
  • Improvement Build Integration (F5)
    • Show Status Debug NEW!
    • Detect selected Device over environment vs2010 NEW!


Team Windows Phone Commads

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